Monday, March 24, 2014

For Claire

Very sadly, an old classmate of mine died of Cancer a few weeks ago and I went to her funeral last Tuesday. It was the first funeral I have been to, and it was also one of the saddest moments I have ever experienced.

The Saturday before the funeral, Laura organised to meet in the park and release balloons for Claire. It was so emotional, but such a lovely thing to do. I had had three balloons to start off with but I was silly enough to leave the balloons in the black plastic bag, in the porch and it was really sunny that day! As I was getting ready two of the balloons exploded in the heat! Luckily I had one left...

Claire Gibson was in my class throughout my secondary years at at Harold Hill Community School. I lost touch with everyone at school after I left for University so I cannot say I was close to Claire but almost all of my school memories have Claire in them. We actually argued a lot and we even had a fight which involved a lot of hair pulling! School would not have been the same without Claire.

Two years ago we reunited to help Claire with her last wishes. It was lovely to see Claire and everyone else. It was so strange but exciting to see so many of my school friends after so many years!

And only last week, we gathered again to say goodbye to Claire.

So this post is dedicated to my old friend Claire. xxx

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