Sunday, October 13, 2013

Donut-ing again

Bunny Donut

Because I was commisioned to make the Sleepy Cats I had to find a way to work. We are inbetween homes right now and are staying temporarily with my parents. It's a small house that is crammed with all of our boxes. They are stacked high, from the floor to th ceiling and it is impossible to find anything.

Sewing was supposed to be on hold until we moved to the new house. However, what was supposed to be only a month or two stay has extended to goodness knows how long... 

The setup for working is not ideal, but I have to make do. I have a tiny table with my sewing machine, in the bedroom and every mornign the mattress that we sleep on has to be flipped up just so we have space to move.  

Now I have resumed sewing, I have an urge to make new Sukis. I have limited access to my fabrics and materials so there are some things I cannot make for now. 

There are enough fabrics for me to play around with in the mean time.

I am absolutely in love with the new wellness fleece I recently acquired in Amsterdam!!! It's super soft and fluffy and make wonderful donuts!

Today I am planning on trying out the new fabrics with a flower!!!

Donut ears

Three new bunny donuts

Progress on the website is slow.... it feels like this website will never get done!!!

A lot of work as been done in preparing images. Every Suki below has been cleaned up in photoshop to remove all backgrounds. And every shadow has been painted by hand.

There is still so much to do... 

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