Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Bunnies and Donuts!

Spring Bunnies

I made 10 Spring bunnies and the were all scooped up in a couple of days! It was a good week for Suki Bunnies last week!

Bunny Basket

The success of these bunnies inspired me to design a donut bunny. Here is the very first one. I listed it on Etsy in the afternoon and in the evening it was bought! There will be more bunnies coming soon! :)

Bunny Donut

Hiding amongst the flowers

Hungry Bunny

Munch munch munch...

Last week I popped into one of my favourite fabric stops in London and spotted leopard pattern fabric. I could not resist it, even though I do not enjoy working with faux fur at all! :)

Leopard Donut in progress

 I am so happy with this new addition to the Donut series.

 Leopard Donut

 I might try adding a tongue with the next one

Leopard Donut and Bunny Donut

Today has been such a beautiful day! These two are orders and shall be sent off soon. I cannot wait to start making more and I hope they find good homes. 

Bunny Sandwich

The Donut Collection

Today I have been taking paracetemol and codine to ease some pain I am experiencing in my stomach. I spent most of last night freaking out, thinking my appendix was going to explode! Once daylight started to appear my dark thoughts were much less dark. I spoke to a nurse on the telephone who suggested pain killers which are helping but the sharp pains are still there... It is always more scary when you do not know what the problem is. I am distracting myself with bunnies and donuts! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Giveaway!

I am so happy to announce my Spring giveaway! Please meet the prize - A little Suki Spring Bunny.

He stands about 18cm tall, has really soft and fluffy fur and a little pom pom tail. He is a cute little thing!

I posted him up last Saturday and the number of entries there are right now is amazing! So many people have liked, commented and shared! I am so amazed with how popular this little bunny is!! And I am so happy to have so many new fans!!! :)

I will be announcing a winner 25th Sunday. Please check out the post on facebook and feel free to enter - SukiSuki's Spring Giveaway

Here is another bunny, but is not part of the giveway. I am making more bunnies today, with one more new variation and hope to put them up on my Etsy shop soon. SukiSuki on Etsy

 And on with the bunnies I go.... I hope its a good sewing day today!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My love for Fire Poi

It has been almost a year since I have picked up my poi and lit them on fire. I miss my fire poi-ing days...

I find it so exhilarating! The heat from the flames, the glow from the fire and the sounds of the fiery balls as the swoosh around your head. I love it! And there are so many tricks I have still to learn.

Now living back in London I have no idea where I would go to do that now. In Amsterdam it was so easy to go to a park and no one bothered you. If anything, it was common that people would ask to join in and have a go.

That is how I met my poi friends, Wouter and Jesse and I was so lucky to meet them.  Back in 2007 and had decided to learn fire poi to perform at my best friend's wedding. I was her Maid of Honour and wanted to do something impressive. Since I am not known for having a beautiful singing voice or any dancing or musical skills, I decided to spice up my poi skills by doing it with fire. I was scared as hell!!! I only started learning with the fire just a couple of weeks before the wedding. The very first time I did it, I singed my hair and almost set fire to my friends bike. :)

The second time I practiced with fire, was one week before the wedding outside Rijks Museum. I was nervously spinning my fire poi, as I turned around, in the distance I spotted more fire swirling around. I thought I was seeing things. That was the night I met Wouter and Jesse. They came over and introduced themselves and from that night on we would meet up and fire poi together. I met with them for one last poi session before I moved to London. Keep poi-ing guys! Hope we can poi again one day...

Jesse, Wouter and Me

Me making pretty patterns

The sounds made my spinning the fire balls is amazing

Getting more confidence - the first time I did not wear anything to protect my hair
 One of the nights I went out to practice, Kim showed us his fire spitting! Just had to include these pics!

Kim fire spitting

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In Paris


When it came to choosing just one Suki to bring to Paris I had very tough time. Since Paris is supposed to be the city of Love, it seemed appropriate to bring Lupi and Pilu even though they did take up almost one carry bag. In the end I brought three Sukis along! :)

More love...

Everywhere love...

What is that????

Unfortunately, I was unwell during our trip. I had a bad cold and cough, no energy and had to blow my nose every 10 seconds and me and Francesco were quarreling over the silliest cooking, directions and macaroons. (Apparently we have a quarrel star over us this year and so far it's proving quite true!) The worse thing of all was having no appetite in Paris!!! Arrghhh!!! What a terrible shame!

However it was still a lovely weekend and Sukis saw a little bit of Paris :)

Oh! And we also discovered an amazing area for fabrics! We managed to buy some before I ran out of energy and had to go home. Another big shame...

Marche Saint-Peirre

Five gigantic floors!

The second place we very quickly visited was Reine. Only three floors but also big and filled with lovely fabrics!

Francesco helping me with the photoshoot

Walking around with Lupi and Pilu

Francesco's parents

This fabric was bought in Paris. I could not wait to get started with it!

New grafitti fabric

Grafitti Lupi Pillow in the making


One size up from the other pillows

This Grafitti Lupi pillow was made for Francesco. I made it a bit bigger than the usual pillow size. This is a much better size for a pillow. I am very happy with this one!

I still have some new fabrics from Italy to make pillows with...

I love trying all the new fabric combination but the pillows are starting to occupy quite a bit of space now. The flat is filling up with of Lupi pillows and not to mention all the other Sukis! We need a bigger flat!!! :)

It's March already!

Eeeeeeek! I cannot believe how quickly each month is passing!

I feel like I am so behind on everything!

I am falling behind on my blog posts, I still have not even begun my Suki Dragon (I still have 10 more months before the Dragon year is over :) ), paper toys are on hold, I began my a painting which is still waiting to be finished, I still have not designed my website - but I think I have chosen my colour scheme!

More Lupi pillows have been made and were taken on a trip to John Lewis again and Habitat. The stores really have been great with me running around taken photographs!

And I still have yet to begin my new food blog! I am tons of food pictures but no time to sit and write out all the recipes! I do not think I am able to write recipes! Cooking is one thing and writing it all out as followable instructions is another! I will try to find time to put up the first recipe.

So, almost four months have passed of Naomi's internship with me. I have set her monthly tasks which she gets on with. I have not dedicated much time to assisting her or guiding her so now I am on a mission to change that. I am trying to be more strict and want to introduce more structure to her work day. Also having an intern is new for me so we are both learning together.

On Monday Naomi was given the task to design and make her own misfit. It was her first SukiSuki plush and she did really well.

Naomi's bunny Misfit

From behind

Naomi and her first SukiSuki!

Now back to the website, my deadline for producing something is for the end of this week! Even if it is just a gallery of photographs or a banner. Just something more what what I have now. The trouble is I want the perfect website... and deciding on any one element is just a nightmare!

Let's see how far I get by end of Friday!